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Starlings Restaurant, Belvedere Road, Claremont

Breakfast and delicious coffee at Starlings in the Southern Suburbs

Saturday morning and a definitely booked table for 3 at Starlings in Belvedere Road. Heard some really great things about the place and finally made it through to try it out.

We were grateful that we did book as the place was bustling. Space was limited due to the bad weather and the beautiful outside area unable to be used for guests.

The restaurant is fantastically decorated in a restored Victorian cottage and the glass windows leading to the garden allows the outside to come in and the inside to go out. Looks like a great venue to visit with children in the summertime or on a good weather day.

An order for their fabulous cappuccinos was put in – Origin Coffee! They even stock soya milk, so one could opt for a non-dairy cappuccino, which I tried out and it was great.

The Saturday menu selection is small (to cope with the number of patrons) and offers standard breakfast fair.

Starlings Breakfast Menu:

  • Honey toasted muesli with yoghurt and seasonal fruits @ R45
  • Birchers Muesli @ R45
  • Scrambled eggs on toast @ R25
  • Morning scramble with bacon, tomato, mushrooms and toast @ R50
  • Scrambled eggs and salmon trout @ R65
  • Brioche French Toast served either with bacon or berries @ R40. Half portion @ R34
  • Avo, tomato toast @ R34 (add pesto R8)
  • Croissants @ R12 with a variety of choice fillings from jam / honey / marmalade @ R5 through to bacon & brie @ R40, salmon trout @ R33, scrambled eggs & bacon @ R33

What we chose for breakfast:
Their seemed to be an extra on the menu of oats served with honey, pumpkin seeds and bananas which my friend enjoyed thoroughly. It looked delicious and warming on such a cold, autumn day.

The scrambled egg and bacon on croissant looked like a wonderful breakfast plate with perfectly cooked scrambled eggs. However, I was a bit disappointed in the Brioche French Toast and would not necessarily order it again.

All in all a wonderful morning at Starlings Coffee Shopvwith fantastic service, great coffee and conversation with friends. Can’t wait for a gorgeous, sunny day to visit and sit in the garden and enjoy all over again.

Contact details:
Starlings Coffee Shop
94 Belvedere Road
Cape Town
Tel: 021 671 6875

Opening times:
Mon – Sat: 7h30 to 17h00
Closed on a Sunday


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Jonkershuis, Groot Constantia

Breakfast below the Oaks of Groot Constantia

On a hot Monday morning, there really was no other way to start the day and the week ahead than a gorgeous breakfast at one of the oldest wine farms in Cape Town. Jonkershuis at Groot Constantia is a fantastic outside venue on warm sunny days.

We were a large group of 10 people and had a wonderful table outside, shaded by the old oak trees which stand proud as part of an avenue where joggers energetically ran with their dogs. Just beyond the avenue of oaks, was a mere little wall separating us from the vineyards and Constantia below.

The menu
The menu is great and the staff are friendly and very accommodating to requests. I also love the fact that they use free range eggs! It does state that variations might cause delay in the food service, and therefore one of our fussy eaters was frowned upon, but the waitron was incredibly helpful in supplying a simple resolve to the situation so as not to delay.

Many opted for the Eggs Benedict @ R64 which sat on ciabatta toast. The Eggs Florentine @ R68 was a slight variation of the original with smoked salmon trout and baby spinach. A further spin on the Benedict, and one I was very interested in was the Eggs Provençal @ R64. This comprised of the standard Eggs Benedict as offered by Jonkershuis, but also served a “spinach sautéed black mushroom”. I think I will need to return to investigate that one further as it sounds very interesting!

The guys are sometimes predictable with the take up on traditional fry ups. The Groot Constantia will satiate that need @ R64 with 2 eggs, bacon, mushroom, sausage, grilled tomato and toasted ciabatta. A smaller Farmers @ R42 is available for a vegetarian spin on the fry up with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, fresh tomato and seed toast.

I tossed and turned between the Eggs Provençal, Estate Continental @ R58 (cold meat, cheese, bread and relish) and the Smoked Salmon Trout @ R68. The call of delicious fresh smoked salmon trout with seed toast and avocado along with capers, onion and a horseradish cream was too much for me to ingnore. And it was a very good call!

The Bircher Muesli with grated apple, oats, cracked almonds, berries and Bulgarian yoghurt @ R46 sounded fantastic, but my colleague opted for the Homebaked Granola @ R44 with Bulgarian yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit.

Besides the wonderful rolling grass available for kids to play on and trees to climb (unless otherwise stated), there is also a junior breakfast section:

  • Scrambled eggs and white toast @ R24
  • Scrambled eggs, white toast, bacon, Vienna and tomato @ R32
  • French toast, cinnamon sugar, syrup, banana @ R28

So, bring your family, take in a great breakfast, a tasting of wine and a walk down a wonderful avenue of trees surrounded by vineyards and buildings steeped in history.

Contact details:
Groot Constantia Wine Estate
Cape Town
Tel: 021 794 6255

Opening times:
Mon – Sat: 09h00 to 22h00
Sun: 09h00 to 17h00

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Cafeen, Kenilworth

Breakfast with a mountain view in the Southern Suburbs: Cafeen in Harfield Village

I think Cafeen could become another one of my favourite places. It is rustic, old world with a slight spin on farm house kitsch. And with outside and inside opportunities and fresh, wholesome food … it is a definite winner.

We arrived on a Sunday morning around 9:30am and it was fairly quiet. We did book though as we were a party of 6 people. By 10:30am, the place was packed with after church visitors and late risers.

Cafeen sits perfectly on the corner of 3rd Avenue in Harfield Village / Kenilworth just down the road from Oblivion Wine Bar, and opposite a lovely park with a view up to Devil’s Peak. There is no set parking area, but parking is available in the surrounding streets.

Their menu is extensive and covers all the bases, so there is definitely something for everyone. I am still looking for the unusual, so I went for something a little more risqué – Summer Stack (R52) which was a gorgeously large slice of health toast covered in Brie cheese, and then topped with roasted herbed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and covered in lovely rocket and watercress before being topped once again with crispy bacon and drizzled reduced balsamic vinegar. It was completely delicious!

The French Toast with caramelized bananas looked fabulous as well (R38), especially served with a side of maple syrup and lemon curd on the side.

I saw an Avo Sandwich (R35) float passed me, which looked lovely and healthy (seasonal based on availability of avos). Waffles are also up for grabs (R25) along with pancakes (23) and the choice of croissants: Bacon and Brie (R40) or Smoked Salmon (R49).

If you feeling like a simple breakfast, you can select the toast and spreads option (homemade jams, anchovy, marmite, bovril, honey or peanut butter). The usual muesli option with yoghurt and fruit is up for grabs (R35) and then different varieties of your cooked breaky.

All in all – fantastic and I have made plans to visit there again! Apparently the menu does change based on season … so will be keeping my eye on what’s new at Cafeen.

Contact Details:
41, 3rd Avenue
Harfield Village
Cape Town
Tel: 021 674 6209

Opening times:
Mon – Fri: 08h00 to 16h30
Sat incl public holidays: 08h00 to 15h00
Sun: 09h00 to 14h00

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The River Cafe, Constantia Uitsig, Cape Town

Outside seating area

Breakfast in the Constantia Winelands: The River Cafe, Uitsig

Any excuse for breakfast! This time was valid though – a birthday gift from a German friend. So, off to The River Cafe (which belongs to Constantia Uitsig wine farm) in Tokai.

River Cafe is one of my favourite breakfast spots. One can sit outside under the shady awnings, or inside in the rustic restaurant. The staff are so friendly and accommodating. And, the food is fantastic! In my opinion, they serve one of the best Eggs Benedict breakfasts in Cape Town!

The Menu
It is not a fixed menu, so you might experience a slightly different offering. On this day, they offered the following:

  • Breakfast Pastries and Muffins – at R24 per pastry (served with selection of jams)
  • Mixed fruit with yoghurt terrine, berry coulis and granola – R54 – this is an amazing platter which someone had on a previous occasion
  • River benedict – gorgeous rosti topped with streaky bacon, poached eggs (perfectly done with a slight goo-eyness) and wonderful, fresh hollandaise sauce
  • Scrambled egg on toast – R32 – with smoked salmon it is a whopping R58
  • Omelette options
    – farmers: flat with smoked bacon, onion, parsley and cheddar R58
    – fine herbs: rolled in fresh garden herbs R36
    – ham and cheese: rolled with melted cheddar and gypsey ham R56
  • The Big River Breakfast – usual traditional breakfast – R63
  • The Light River Breakfast – small version of traditional breakfast – R39

Fabulous Eggs Benedict

Kiddies Menu
And, best of all! They have a kiddies breakfast menu! For between R36 and R25, kids can have anything from a small traditional breakfast to scrambled eggs on toast to summer berries with yoghurt. First time I have come across a menu for kids and I think it is so insightful!

Our Choices
Needless to say, we both had the Eggs Benedict and we were not disappointed! If I were rich and feeling like a piggie, I would have had a second one. I opted for another gorgeous cappuccino instead.

After breakfast, we drove just round the corner to the Porter’s Market for a walk around and look see (open every Saturday morning).

Contact Details:
Spaanschemat River Road
Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 794 4480
Fax: +27 21 794 3105

Breakfast times:
Mon – Sun: 08h30 to 11h00

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Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

Breakfast in a Cape Town market: Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

I love markets and I love food … the two are a match made in heaven!

Friends of mine were shocked to hear recently that I had not been to the Old Biscuit Mill Saturday market in Woodstock / Salt River in Cape Town. So, an outing with 2 girl friends was planned … and after 3 hours of the place, I can definitely say, I will be going back for more!

Our journey in the Old Biscuit Mill market started at 9:30am – perfect to stop for a gorgeous breakfast! We wandered around the food hall section which was completely BUZZING with people. I had to fight to get a glimpse of all the delicious goodies on display! And my oh my, what an awesome selection of goodies! And the wonderful wafting of fresh Origin coffee floating through the humming crowd was awesome!

Choices, choices …
Stands filled with tartlets, quiches, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, cheeses, crispy breads, home-made pies, large muffins, wine tastings, yummy smoothies, home cured olives, farm produce, fresh veggies, mushrooms to die for and dips and … and … and … and the list could go on and on! The mix of choice was overwhelming and delightful!

Eventually, I settled on a gourmet sandwhich from a stand right in the middle of it all. R45 got me a selection of goodies on a roll of my choice with 2 different types of pestos, salad and then I added avocado, gorgeous danish feta and aubergine! What a breakfast! They of course had various lovely meat options on display (pork sausages, smoked ham, chicken to name a few), but was feeling particularly veggie this morning.

I tucked in and enjoyed every last bite! Perfect way to start my intense shopping day! I highly recommend!

Contact details:
373 – 375 Albert Road
Salt River
Tel: +27 21 448 1438 (Tue to Fri only)

Market opening times:
Sat: 09h00 – 14h000

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Bon Fromage, Newlands

Bon Fromage, Newlands: Breakfast in the Southern Suburbs    

It is a moody-weather Thursday morning and I am meeting my team for breakfast to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. Bon Fromage in Newlands is the venue of choice for this first meal of the day.     

Sitting on the busy main road of Newlands, in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and opposite the South African Breweries (SAB), Bon Fromage is a French-style bakery and cheese café. They have a simple, healthy and rustic selection of menu options covering breakfast and lunch, and a wonderful deli refrigerator filled with a vast selection of cheeses and a wooden rack of gorgeous crisp, fresh breads.     

Bon Fromage traditional breakfast

The party of peeps took a while to decide what they wanted as it all looked so good.    

The birthday boy decided on the traditional fry up breakfast which looked great, however, the pork sausages seemed a little bit anorexic. Someone took the most expensive choice on the menu (at R55.00) “Bon Fromage French Breakfast” consisting of a fresh fruit salad with a yoghurt and sour cream topping, followed by a platter of meats and cheeses and freshly baked bread. Comment was that it was good … but not fantastic.    

blt baguette

2 colleagues chose the ‘blt baguette’ with crispy bacon, roasted tomatoes, rocket and parmesan shavings. The baguette was a little bit too crispy to eat as a traditional closed blt sandwich. I embarked on a croissant (instead of baguette) filled with salmon (instead of bacon), omelette-style eggs and oven roasted tomatoes. Was delicious!    

Coffees, hot chocolate and cappuccinos all round.     

The atmosphere is very relaxed so much so that the service is a little slow and with a small kitchen, breakfasts for a large group might not all come out at the same time. But it is very pleasant sitting in the calmness of the interior with the hustle and bustle of life happening on the outside.    

Contact details:
Bon Fromange
Corner of Main Street and Dean Street
Newlands, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 685 3631

Opening hours:
Mondays – Fridays: 07h30 to 17h45
Saturdays: 08h30 to 15h00 (flexible on sports days)
Sundays: 09h00 to 15h00    

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