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Starlings Restaurant, Belvedere Road, Claremont

Breakfast and delicious coffee at Starlings in the Southern Suburbs

Saturday morning and a definitely booked table for 3 at Starlings in Belvedere Road. Heard some really great things about the place and finally made it through to try it out.

We were grateful that we did book as the place was bustling. Space was limited due to the bad weather and the beautiful outside area unable to be used for guests.

The restaurant is fantastically decorated in a restored Victorian cottage and the glass windows leading to the garden allows the outside to come in and the inside to go out. Looks like a great venue to visit with children in the summertime or on a good weather day.

An order for their fabulous cappuccinos was put in – Origin Coffee! They even stock soya milk, so one could opt for a non-dairy cappuccino, which I tried out and it was great.

The Saturday menu selection is small (to cope with the number of patrons) and offers standard breakfast fair.

Starlings Breakfast Menu:

  • Honey toasted muesli with yoghurt and seasonal fruits @ R45
  • Birchers Muesli @ R45
  • Scrambled eggs on toast @ R25
  • Morning scramble with bacon, tomato, mushrooms and toast @ R50
  • Scrambled eggs and salmon trout @ R65
  • Brioche French Toast served either with bacon or berries @ R40. Half portion @ R34
  • Avo, tomato toast @ R34 (add pesto R8)
  • Croissants @ R12 with a variety of choice fillings from jam / honey / marmalade @ R5 through to bacon & brie @ R40, salmon trout @ R33, scrambled eggs & bacon @ R33

What we chose for breakfast:
Their seemed to be an extra on the menu of oats served with honey, pumpkin seeds and bananas which my friend enjoyed thoroughly. It looked delicious and warming on such a cold, autumn day.

The scrambled egg and bacon on croissant looked like a wonderful breakfast plate with perfectly cooked scrambled eggs. However, I was a bit disappointed in the Brioche French Toast and would not necessarily order it again.

All in all a wonderful morning at Starlings Coffee Shopvwith fantastic service, great coffee and conversation with friends. Can’t wait for a gorgeous, sunny day to visit and sit in the garden and enjoy all over again.

Contact details:
Starlings Coffee Shop
94 Belvedere Road
Cape Town
Tel: 021 671 6875

Opening times:
Mon – Sat: 7h30 to 17h00
Closed on a Sunday


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Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

Breakfast in a Cape Town market: Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

I love markets and I love food … the two are a match made in heaven!

Friends of mine were shocked to hear recently that I had not been to the Old Biscuit Mill Saturday market in Woodstock / Salt River in Cape Town. So, an outing with 2 girl friends was planned … and after 3 hours of the place, I can definitely say, I will be going back for more!

Our journey in the Old Biscuit Mill market started at 9:30am – perfect to stop for a gorgeous breakfast! We wandered around the food hall section which was completely BUZZING with people. I had to fight to get a glimpse of all the delicious goodies on display! And my oh my, what an awesome selection of goodies! And the wonderful wafting of fresh Origin coffee floating through the humming crowd was awesome!

Choices, choices …
Stands filled with tartlets, quiches, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, cheeses, crispy breads, home-made pies, large muffins, wine tastings, yummy smoothies, home cured olives, farm produce, fresh veggies, mushrooms to die for and dips and … and … and … and the list could go on and on! The mix of choice was overwhelming and delightful!

Eventually, I settled on a gourmet sandwhich from a stand right in the middle of it all. R45 got me a selection of goodies on a roll of my choice with 2 different types of pestos, salad and then I added avocado, gorgeous danish feta and aubergine! What a breakfast! They of course had various lovely meat options on display (pork sausages, smoked ham, chicken to name a few), but was feeling particularly veggie this morning.

I tucked in and enjoyed every last bite! Perfect way to start my intense shopping day! I highly recommend!

Contact details:
373 – 375 Albert Road
Salt River
Tel: +27 21 448 1438 (Tue to Fri only)

Market opening times:
Sat: 09h00 – 14h000

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Olympia Café, Kalk Bay

Olympia Café, Kalk Bay: Breakfast along the coast 

Sunday morning and off to Olympia Café in Kalk Bay with my cousin and his 2 kids.

Olympia Café is a rustic bakery and deli with fantastic food – breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I have eaten breakfast at Olympia Café many a time and have never been disappointed with the selection, quantity or price of dishes. Today was no different! 

We arrived and promptly posted our name on the board along with the number of seats we required – 5 (one is unable to pre-book, merely arrive and wait a few minutes). We waited a whole 10 minutes before being taken to a table in a corner, for which we were quite grateful as it was quite noisy inside. In times when the wait can be quite long (especially for large tables), I recommend leaving 1 person waiting and the rest of your party can go for a short walk along the path between the road and beach and look at all the lovely antique and art shops. 

Salmon Gravadlax with cream cheese, avo and rocket on rye

We sat down and were served very promptly by a friendly face. By the way, they make fantastic cappuccinos! We waited an extra bit for 1 coffee as they were brewing a fresh pot. From the selection of breakfast goodies on the blackboard, we put in our order. Menu options change daily based on the fresh ingredients available. Not even 15 minutes and all our food arrived looking gorgeous. 

A simple, freshly baked “pain au chocolat” (chocolate croissant) which was filled with a dark / milky chocolate, was heartely enjoyed by our youngest member of 9. I tucked into a fantasticly bulging omelette filled with brie cheese, sweet potato and butternut and served with a side of the best ciabatta I have had thus far (R45). My cousin chose a salmon gravadlax with cream cheese, avocado and rocket on rye bread (R55), which he thoroughly enjoyed. It looked really fresh and healthy. For an even more healthy breakfast option, strawberries, yoghurt and honey were also featured on the board. 

Omelette filled with brie, sweet potato and butternut accompanied by ciabatta

My cousin’s daughter of 12 ate all of her grilled croissant, smothered in ham, ementhaler cheese and rocket (once again) (R34) and last but not least our 5th party member had 1 of the baked croissant options – a choice of spinach and feta, mushroom and mozzarella or ham, mustard and mozarella. At R24, these make a fantastic choice for a  reasonably priced, yet filling breaky. 

Our bill for 5 people came to R248 in total. Not a bad way to start a wonderful Sunday! 

Contact details:
Olympia Café and Deli
134 Main Road, Kalk Bay
Cape Town
Tel: 021 788 6396

Opening times:
Mon – Sat: 07h00 to 21h00
Sun: 07h00 to 15h00

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