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Cosecha Restaurant, Noble Hill Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

Breakfast before wine tasting in Stellenbosch – Noble Hill Cosecha Restaurant

A day out in the winelands is best started with a fabulous breakfast! Taking a turn just off the N1 side of the R44, Noble Hill Wine Estate is like a hidden gem where Cape Town meets California and Mexico on a plate at Cosecha Restaurant.

A misty day hid the extent of the beauty of the farm, but what we could see mixed with imagination, great decor, awesome service and a fabulous menu (albeit small) was just enough to make me want to come back and bring all the visitors that ever come to see me and Cape Town.

Menu options:
I was torn between the “pan torrejas” which delighted me with the idea of something sweet on such a cold day (custard toast, maple syrup infused berries with streaky bacon @ R62) and the “breakfast burrito”. I was warned (once wrapped in a wonderful blanket and surrounded with gas heaters) that if I was hungry that the pan torrejas would take a while to make and that the burrito was just as good, but more on the savoury side.

I opted for the all encompassing breakfast burrito @ R55 and it was so delicious. A wonderfully warm burrito filled with just the right amount of perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, chopped smoky bacon and an onion and potato rosti-type mix and finished off with a sharp chedder. I chose the mild route as I am not a huge fan of over spicy food, especially in the morning. Accompanied with this wonderful dish was sour cream, spicy tomato salsa and guacamole, which just finished each mouthful off perfectly.

My friend opted for the “huevos rancheros” @ R65. It looked a superb dish consisting of a tostada (crispy toasted / fried tortilla likened to a huge nacho chip) topped with borracho (re-fried) beans, blended tomato salsa, sharp cheddar and fried eggs. My friend opted for scrambled eggs when asked (even though the menu specified fried) and the cheddar was blended in with a perfect balance of salt and pepper. The streaky bacon was swapped out for a portion of guacamole, which came as an extra portion as the dish is also served with sour cream, spicy tomato salsa and guacamole.

Wine tasting:
Noble Hill Cocheca Restaurant was a perfect way to start our wine tasting day, and although it was not yet 12pm, we ventured into the wine tasting room and kick started our wine tasting day with their Sauvignon Blanc and lightly wooded chardonnay. Unfortunately their viognier was already sold – it was that good! They have a wonderful selection of olive oils up for grabs as well.

Perfect place for kids as there is a large grassy area for them to run around and play. Cappuccinos are fantastic and served at the right temperature with mega froth. Service was also fantastic, very attentive and friendly, although it was not busy so difficult to judge when they are swamped.

Contact details:
Cosecha Restaurant
Noble Hill Wine Estate
Stellenbosch / Paarl
Klapmuts – Simondium Road
Cape Town
Tel: 021 874 3844
Web: /

Opening times:
Wed – Mon: 10h00 to 17h00
Closed on a Tuesday


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The Basic Bistro, Stellenbosch

The Basic Bistro: Breakfast in the winelands

Church Street, Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch before the heat of the day is an amazing place in summer – the green trees lining the streets, the feeling of history around you … and many a place to eat breakfast!

Today we chose a little place called “The Basic Bistro” on Church Street. I had heard of it from a friend of mine. Someone also recommended Java, which I am sure to get to on another trip out to Stellenbosch / Somerset West.

It was a gorgeous morning and the streets were quiet. We decided to site outside and enjoy the freshness of the day and the green around us.

Fishy Norwegian Croissant with scrambled egg and salmon

Approached by our server, we put our tea orders in. Looking through The Basi Bistro menu, I was tossing and turning between one of the omelettes with a wide selection of my own choice of fillings (ham, black mushrooms, fried banana, rocket, cheeses, avo etc) or having one of their croissants with interesting names:

  • Fishy Norwegian with salmon, scrambled eggs and rocket
  • Surfer with salmon, feta and rocket
  • Marie Antoinette with hummus, bacon, mozzarella cheese and rocket
  • Monet’s Monkey with bacon, friend banana and mozzarella cheese
  • Napoleon with savoury mince, basil and mozzarella

Marie Antoinette croissant with hummus, bacon and mozzarella

My Gran opted for the Fishy Norwegian and I partook of the Marie Antoinette, which I found delicious with the hummus addition!

We ended off with a cappuccino each (delicious) and went for a stroll around Stellenbosch city centre. I can recommend the Village Museum tour of 4 of the old houses which were built and decorated between 1700 and 1850.

Contact details:
The Basic Bistro
31 Church Street
Tel: 021 883 3629

Opening times:
Mon – Fri: 07h00 to 22h00
Sat – Sun: 09h00 to 22h00

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