Jonkershuis, Groot Constantia

Breakfast below the Oaks of Groot Constantia

On a hot Monday morning, there really was no other way to start the day and the week ahead than a gorgeous breakfast at one of the oldest wine farms in Cape Town. Jonkershuis at Groot Constantia is a fantastic outside venue on warm sunny days.

We were a large group of 10 people and had a wonderful table outside, shaded by the old oak trees which stand proud as part of an avenue where joggers energetically ran with their dogs. Just beyond the avenue of oaks, was a mere little wall separating us from the vineyards and Constantia below.

The menu
The menu is great and the staff are friendly and very accommodating to requests. I also love the fact that they use free range eggs! It does state that variations might cause delay in the food service, and therefore one of our fussy eaters was frowned upon, but the waitron was incredibly helpful in supplying a simple resolve to the situation so as not to delay.

Many opted for the Eggs Benedict @ R64 which sat on ciabatta toast. The Eggs Florentine @ R68 was a slight variation of the original with smoked salmon trout and baby spinach. A further spin on the Benedict, and one I was very interested in was the Eggs Provençal @ R64. This comprised of the standard Eggs Benedict as offered by Jonkershuis, but also served a “spinach sautéed black mushroom”. I think I will need to return to investigate that one further as it sounds very interesting!

The guys are sometimes predictable with the take up on traditional fry ups. The Groot Constantia will satiate that need @ R64 with 2 eggs, bacon, mushroom, sausage, grilled tomato and toasted ciabatta. A smaller Farmers @ R42 is available for a vegetarian spin on the fry up with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, fresh tomato and seed toast.

I tossed and turned between the Eggs Provençal, Estate Continental @ R58 (cold meat, cheese, bread and relish) and the Smoked Salmon Trout @ R68. The call of delicious fresh smoked salmon trout with seed toast and avocado along with capers, onion and a horseradish cream was too much for me to ingnore. And it was a very good call!

The Bircher Muesli with grated apple, oats, cracked almonds, berries and Bulgarian yoghurt @ R46 sounded fantastic, but my colleague opted for the Homebaked Granola @ R44 with Bulgarian yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit.

Besides the wonderful rolling grass available for kids to play on and trees to climb (unless otherwise stated), there is also a junior breakfast section:

  • Scrambled eggs and white toast @ R24
  • Scrambled eggs, white toast, bacon, Vienna and tomato @ R32
  • French toast, cinnamon sugar, syrup, banana @ R28

So, bring your family, take in a great breakfast, a tasting of wine and a walk down a wonderful avenue of trees surrounded by vineyards and buildings steeped in history.

Contact details:
Groot Constantia Wine Estate
Cape Town
Tel: 021 794 6255

Opening times:
Mon – Sat: 09h00 to 22h00
Sun: 09h00 to 17h00


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